"This place was so good. I was so excited to try something new, the water fern cake. It was so good, and I can't believe they were served as 6 small bowls. I liked the mix of the textures and the flavors. Definitely something different than I have tried anywhere. This menu was different than I have seen. There was still a lot of options, but also a good number of pictures. That's so helpful.

I just simply got a meatball and beef pho and my hubby got a noodles with chicken. All of it was so good and generously priced. We liked the vibe of this restaurant, the decorations, and the service. They even have an outside section with shade, tables, and ping pong. How cool is this. We totally want to come back for a hot pot and seafood and crispy noodles. The passion juice with mixed fruit was out of this world too.”

- Rachel M -

"Came on a Saturday lunch. Nice clean & fast! Food was 5 star quality - I'm definitely coming back teal soon.  I highly recommend the clam with chips.”

- Vivian N -

"good food + low prices + big portions = GEM! 


With the numerous options for Vietnamese food in St.Pete along park blvd, its tough to no know where exactly to stop by and try. With out any doubt, Long Phung should be def be on your short list! 

When im eating at a viet restaurant, I look for good fresh ingredients to go along with cheap prices. When I opened their menu, I quickly noticed that the prices were cheap! in fact when i looked at the dishes i couldn't believe the price was so low as many of their dishes were under $12.


They also serve boba tea & had this really good fresh fruit drink that was very refreshing. When i came here with my family of 4, not only were we seated right away., but our food also came out very quickly. For all that my family ordered, the bill came up to just under $60 ... and we had alot of left overs to take home!”

- Larry C -

"I came here for lunch today and had an order of spring rolls and bun cha ca (noodles with fish patties soup). The spring rolls was big with jumbo shrimp inside. The portion size for the noodles was huge. I'd recommend this soup if you want something light and refreshing. It's kind of like bun rieu broth (they don't have that here) but lighter on the stomach. It has slices of tomatoes and pineapples in there and also a lot of different veggies on the side. They also put a lot of fish patties in there.”

- Duyen N -

"Best pho in the area!! And I've tried them all Love the service, very sweet. The food is fresh and authentic."

- Sam L -

"Wonderfully fresh, delicious, great service. I had the deliciously delicate water pancakes. These are amazing and unique for the American diner. If you haven't had them, I highly recommend being adventurous. You spoon the tiny morsels from their bowels, each one flavored with a delicate fried crisp onion, and shrimp in the tender steamed pancake. Ten of these are less than $3.00! Super bargain! The Bun is one of the best I have had in the area. The bowl of noodles with refreshing vegetables and tender flavorful barbecued pork is delicious and cooked to perfection! 

The service was delightful. Our server went above and beyond to help my husband find the perfect blend of jellies for his dessert. She made him a combination of a few to sample and brought them to the table for him to try. She was patient and very sweet. 
This is a gem in Pinellas Park. Glad to find it!”

- Susan K -

" daughter and i went there for brunch today...OFF THE HOOK !!!!! I had the spicy beef thing i have ever eaten.  I also had the pork belly bun mi....FABULOUS ... my daughter had watermelon boba tea and she wnded up getting a second one to take home. She had this crepe type thing with shrimp in it that she loved.  The service was great and very friendly..not too long of a wait fir the food at all. Very reasonably priced and you get a TON of food...i could have swam in my soup bowl it was that huge.  We cant wait to go back. I would recommend this to EVERYONE i f you like veitnamese food.”

- Chuck Z -